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Website Directory by Vinayak Patukale

Website Directory - Vinayak Patukale 


Website Directory is a very comprehensive compilation of websites on just about any topic you might want to find information about on the web. If you start browsing the sites in the book you will literally spend hours going through the book. When I started reviewing the book I visited a few sites from each topic and after an afternoon had passed I had only gotten to the letter “D”. I had passed up a lot more websites that looked like they might have been interesting to visit too.


The websites are worldwide, so you’ll find things from every country. I liked that the topics of the websites were categorized alphabetically as this made it easier to look them up.


Families, students, children and businesses will find Website Directory useful as there are plenty of websites included in it that each of them will find valuable. I did however find that some of the links were no longer active or could not be found but I do not believe that is the fault of the author. Also, while his listing of websites is comprehensive, I am sure there are websites that have been left out of his book. I’m sure his book would never have gotten to print if he waited to include every single website he could find!


I thought that Website Directory was an excellent resource for any family or business to have on hand to begin an internet research on a topic. It’ll give you a good place to begin. I gave it 5 stars out of 5.


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