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Malia's Miracles (Devya's Children Book 3) by Julia Gilbert

Malia's Miracles - Julie Gilbert 


Danielle Matheson’s good friend’s mother Susan Kilpatrick has taken a turn for the worse in her fight against cancer and is now dying in the hospital. Her friend Christy had met Jillian and her genetically gifted siblings in Nadia’s Tears (Book 2) when they had gotten into some trouble. Danielle, feeling conflicted because she knew that Malia and her siblings had the gifts which could potentially heal Christy’s mom, didn’t know whether it would be right or wrong to ask for help from them or to just watch her die. Her dear friends however, sensed her quandary and offered to help as long as it was kept secret since the world really wasn’t ready for people with their abilities.


If the government found out about them, they would love to get their hands on the children to study them. But that’s not the only danger. There are those who are out to harm Christy’s younger sister Dominique and another organization that wants to get their hands on Malia and the gang.


The twists and turns in this story are wild as Jillian, Malia and Michio work on fighting the cancer and Varick and Danielle do their best to keep everyone away from the room and keep Christy and Dominique distracted. Danger is around every corner and it takes all of them working together to stay a step ahead.


One of the lessons that can be learned from Malia’s Miracle is what can happen when we allow bitterness to seep into our lives. For most of us it doesn’t go to the extent it did to the individuals in this story, but the lesson is still there – it damages relationships. I also liked the other themes of the importance of family and the need to work together. They too are important.


Malia’s Miracles, was written in the same format as the first two books as journal entries from different persons. This worked quite nicely for this novel as there were two groups of individuals often doing two different tasks and so we could get first-hand information from each group this way.


I found this book a refreshing teen/young adult book to read and I love the new cover the author has given it. I gave Malia’s Miracles 4 stars out of 5.


Thank you to the author for providing a copy of this book in exchange for a fair and honest review. A positive opinion was not required. All thoughts are my own.


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