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The Wachuga Project by Douglas E. Wolfert

The Wachuga Project - Douglas E. Wolfert 


Jeremy Barnard, a lifelong severe stutterer becomes the unsuspecting subject of the testing of a new drug, but in its natural form – as the flower petal of the plant. Though Jeremy was able to get a degree in criminal law, he was not able to try his own court cases because he could barely speak two words without stuttering severely. This left him working in the background doing research, basically working as a clerk. His first bite of the petal of the Wachuga flower changed his life. He could speak clearly and fluently and was able to show everyone what a brilliant lawyer he really was.


The way The Wachuga Project was written at first seems totally disconnected as the Prologue, Part One and the first portion of Part Two of the book tell about different characters and what they are doing. The remainder of the novel does collect all these pieces so the book does come together quite nicely as a whole.


The story is moderately paced and filled with characters that seem quite realistic. Some of them are quite likeable like Jeremy’s mother and Samantha who never made Jeremy feel bad about his stutter, but gave him the time he needed to let him finish what he was trying to say. Then there were others who were definitely not likeable like his father who berated him and put him down because of his disability. I really liked that his boss from the library assisted him in securing an internship so that he wouldn’t have to interview.

The twists and turns really kept the story moving along. I thought The Wachuga Project did a great job of showing (as opposed to simply telling) an audience what can happen when people are used in experiments without their knowledge or consent in an uncontrolled environment.


I really enjoyed reading this psychological thriller novel and would heartily recommend it to others who enjoy this genre as well. I gave it 5 stars out of 5.


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