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BEYOND: Two Suns by Maureen Miller


Five years have passed and Aimee is picked up at the same spot where she was taken aboard the spaceship originally. Greeted by Vodu and Raja, she is bewildered because Zak is not there as he was supposed to be. Raja informs her later that Zak made her promise that if he did not return from his planet in time to be there when the Horus returned to Earth, that he wanted Raja to make sure to bring Aimee aboard the ship. Now that Aimee knows that Zak has not returned from his planet Ziratak, she intends to go there herself and rescue him since it seems that everyone else thinks he is dead even though they say they will send out another search party.


Beyond: Two Suns is the second book in this science fiction/romance trilogy. In this book we meet again some of the characters we got to know from the first book. Gordeelum, now a teenager, becomes Aimee's partner in the rescue attempt on Ziratak. The problem is that Aimee and Gordy do not have approval from Vodu to travel to Ziratak, or the Warrior skills necessary to fight off the Zirtakian enemies, the Korons.


Aimee's resourcefulness and charm comes to the forefront to help her get what she wants as the plot twists and we view the story from the narrator's viewpoint watching Aimee and then switching to Zak so we know what is happening in both places.


There are a couple of delightful surprises in the plot that I wasn't expecting but that is all I will tell you about them or I'll spoil the story for you. It does make me wonder however what might happen in the future (meaning book 3).


I find myself drawn to the character of Raja for some reason that I can't pinpoint. She is so quiet and helpful, producing medications and serums that are so useful. She has been such a faithful friend to Aimee; I would like to get to know her better.


I did find this episode of the trilogy to drag a little during some of the preparations for the voyage to Ziratak, but other than that, the pacing was very good.

Though there is some swearing in this novel, the romance is clean and I would consider this novel to be suitable for young adults and up. I gave Beyond:Two Suns 4 stars out of 5.


Thank you to the author for providing a copy of the book in exchange for a fair and honest review. A positive opinion was not required. All thoughts are my own. 


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