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Sebastian is a small mouse who is one day left in charge of his brothers and sisters while his parents go into Homesville. While they were all born on the same day, Sebastian was the eldest of them all.


Sebastian has always wanted to go into Homesville, but knows that he is too little to go. However he does feel very proud to be considered big enough to babysit his brothers and sisters. He is careful to count them and make sure they are all there. That is, until his sister Frida turns up missing.


I thought Sebastian was a brave little mouse to go after his sister even though he was very fearful about going into such a big place. He was very resourceful in his thinking about how to save her. He was also thoughtful about what to do in regards to keeping his brothers and sisters safe at home while he went looking for Frida.


It was obvious to me that Sebastian’s parents made a good choice to put Sebastian in charge rather than one of the other mice as he was able to round them all up again before their parents got home. I imagine they will have quite a tale to tell when they all wake up.


I thought this was a wonderful first chapter book story about small animals in a big world. Children will love having this book read to them or enjoy reading it as one of their first chapter books. I gave The Small Mice of Homesville 5 stars out of 5.


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