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The Doomsday Kids Book 4: Amy's Gift



You will want to read the first three books in the Doomsday Kids Series before you read Amy's Gift so that you have a better understanding of the characters in the story and how the events that transpired in the earlier books affected them.


I found Amy to be a very difficult character to like. She always appeared cold, unkind, self-centred and angry. We get some insight as to why she was this way through numerous flashbacks showing how her family heritage played a great part in making up her personality and how one of her last encounters with her mother affected her.


Amy had another side too though, which sometimes scared the others in the group of survivors in the way it played itself out. She was fiercely loyal and protective (though she probably wouldn't admit it). She deeply cared for each person in the group of Doomsday Kids and did think of them as her family (perhaps even without even realizing it). That loyalty and protectiveness was sometimes mistaken for something else when she meant her actions for the good of her friends. Once you read the book you’ll understand what I mean.


Amy's Gift was a bit of a difficult book to read because of the things these youth had to do to survive. With no food or water, hundreds of miles to travel to get to the survivor camp and marauders all along the way the journey was filled with dangers. And Amy only had a limited amount of time to get there. The question was whether she would make it or not. Faced with the kinds of choices they had to make, I’m not sure I could do some of the things they had to do to survive.


I enjoyed the twists and turns in the plot of this fourth book in the series. I liked some of the new characters that were brought into this book and I hope to find out more about them in the next one.


The only thing I didn't care for was the amount of swearing. It seems to me that there was more profanity in this volume than the others. I know many teens swear, but I still feel that the use of it in literature does not add anything to a really good story.


The beginning of Amy's Gift starts off just as though the reader has just closed the cover of Amaranth’s Return. These books flow so smoothly from one to the other and the pace and flow is maintained throughout the series.


Amy's Gift is a book I would highly recommend to anyone who enjoys dystopian or post-apocalyptic literature. Though the books are geared for teenagers, I think young adults and adults will enjoy them as well. I rated this book 4 stars out of 5.


Thank you to the publisher via NetGalley for providing a copy of this book in exchange for a fair and honest review. A positive opinion was not required. All thoughts are my own.


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