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Resisting Redemption by Bonnie R. Paulson


***Spoiler Alert*** Only read the first three paragraphs if you wish to skip the spoiler.


Lisa, working as Jesse Noland's mobile physical therapist worked with him at his home every week, helping him to improve his ability to walk. She tried as much as possible to keep a low profile in the community as Jason Mendez, an FBI agent was looking for her and her four half-sisters, all of whom were children of Devlyn Caracus, a known criminal who was rumoured to have hidden away a large treasure of stolen goods.


Ryan Noland, Jessie's father, looked forward each week to Lisa's appointment with Jesse even if he barely spoke with her and she kept herself professionally aloof. He found himself very attracted to her and didn't really know how to deal with it. Divorced, due to his wife abandoning them just days after Jesse's birth when they discovered Jesse had been born with spina bifida and would likely never walk, Ryan raised his son alone.


I thought there was some good character development of Lisa throughout the story using twists and turns in the plot. We were able to see her softer side and not just her aloof professional exterior. For Ryan, the plot twists and turns brought fear and danger. His character also developed throughout the story as he dealt with the obstacles set before him.


The only thing I could comment on that could be construed as negative would be that I thought it was rather unrealistic the distance that Jesse walked unaided from the ditch. I thought it improbable that he would be able to walk unaided in the first place, but his progress in his physical therapy was more rapid than possible.


I thought the pace of Resisting Redemption was good. The book held my attention and while the ending made it obvious there was more to come, it was satisfying enough not to leave you hanging. I gave it 4 starts out of 5.


Thank you to the author for providing a copy of the book in exchange for a fair and honest review. A positive opinion was not required. All thoughts are my own.


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