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Chosen: Brink of Dawn by Jeff Altabef and Erynn Altabef

Chosen: Brink of Dawn (Young Adult Fantasy Thriller) - Jeff Altabef,Erynn Altabef,Lane Diamond,Whitney Smyth 

Brink of Dawn was a fast-paced novel that is second in the Chosen series but can be read as a stand-alone novel. Juliet and Troy travel to New York where Juliet meets up with the other 3 Chosen. It is here that they are to prepare to meet “an ancient foe that threatens all humanity.”


These four young people, who were chosen for this quest, have to learn to work out not only their own issues, but stop fighting amongst themselves and learn to work together. As they change and learn how to use their new abilities, they also face their own flaws and must overcome them.


Their character flaws were very relatable and realistic. This made the characters seem all the more personable and three dimensional. The kinds of flaws they have are similar to the ones we each have – phobias, addictions, dependence on others, low self-esteem and so on. Most of us can relate to one or more of these in one way or another.


I liked each of the new characters that were introduced as the Chosen. I thought that the way that they were introduced – through a dream Juliet has about them – was an interesting way to do it – as it gave both Juliet and the reader the same information at the same time.


The unexpected twists and turns in this story made it a delightfully refreshing book to read. There is lots of action and all of it will keep you on the edge of your seat. This is a book that will be hard to put down. Brink of Dawn is a great book for audiences over the age of 13 due to the amount of violence.


Brink of Dawn was a very engaging book to read and I gave it a rating of 5 stars out of 5. I’m looking forward to the final instalment of this trilogy!


Thank you to the publishers for providing a copy of this book in exchange for a fair and honest review. A positive opinion was not required. All thoughts are my own.


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