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I Need a Hero by Emma Bennet

I NEED A HERO a fun summer romance you won't want to put down - EMMA BENNET 


I Need a Hero is a lovely summer romance read written at a pace that moves along pleasantly. This enjoyable novel is a clean romance with some humour and even a cat with good taste in men.


Every woman wants a “knight in shining armor”, none more so than romance writer Bronte Huntington. She has sworn off dating until “my hero, the one who takes my breath away and changes my life forever” arrives.


I loved the characters in I Need a Hero. Bronte was so in love with the idea of love that she couldn’t even listen to her own heart. She really knew the answer all along though, because it came out in the novel that she wrote. Bronte’s best friend Camille was loyal and helpful. Ryan was the quintessential gentleman and an excellent next-door neighbour. He’s the kind of person I would choose for my hero. Sebastian was extremely handsome and the son of Lord and Lady Fairfax.


The twists and turns in this novel were excellent. I found it totally amazing how long it took Bronte to come to the conclusion for her life that she had resolved much earlier in her own novel. The question was “Was she too late?”


Although it was obvious to the reader who Bronte should choose, it was great fun to read this light-hearted novel to see what happened. What I liked was that the novel really pointed out that a hero doesn’t necessarily have to do huge “hero” things like save a life or rescue a “damsel in distress”. “Hero” things can be smaller things too like give someone a ride when their car breaks down or even just being there for them when they need a friend.


I gave this thoroughly satisfying and fun clean romance 5 stars out of 5. I would highly recommend it.


Thank you to the publishers for providing a copy via NetGalley in exchange for a fair and honest review. A positive opinion was not required. All thoughts are my own.


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