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The Legacy Human (Singularity Book 1) by Susan Kaye Quinn

The Legacy Human (Singularity #1) (Singularity Series) (Volume 1) - Susan Kaye Quinn 


Humans who had melded their minds with nanotechnology and became human/computer hybrids or the ascended generations ago now ruled over what was left of the human race. Those humans were kept for their genetic code and were no longer allowed to ascend except for once a year at the Creative Olympics. Competition in Dance, Art, Storytelling, and Music rather than in Sports of centuries past, the winners in each category were given the opportunity to join the ascended and become human/computer hybrids with perpetual life.


The Legacy Human was a riveting story that left me wanting more. Each group of people from the Ascended, to the competitors, to the dissenters seemed to have their own secret agenda, causing dangerous events to unfold at every turn.


I found the concept of the ascended and how they were careful to keep the genetic code of the legacy humans untainted very interesting. It was painful to see how that affected the legacy humans since they did not receive the medical care that would have afforded them cures to some of the ailments that made them ill. This is in fact one of the reasons that Eli was so determined to enter the Olympics and win – ascending would allow him and his family – his mother, suffering from end-stage leukemia to leave their human bodies behind along with all human illness and live perpetually.


There were so many twists and turns in The Legacy Human and a rapid pace that the book does an excellent job of holding the reader’s attention. This book is about much more than what it seems.


I enjoyed the interaction between Eli and the other competitors in the Olympics. The characters seemed realistic. I loved Cyrus’ loyalty; helping his best friend trying to reach his goal, which if Eli did, would leave Cyrus bereft of friend and mother figure.


Eli’s discovery of the dissenters and of who was involved in it was a twist in the plot and a surprise to both Eli and the reader. How that will play out in the second book will be very interesting. I thought the plan the resistance had set up for the Olympics if their contestants had made it to the medal platform would have been fascinating to see.


I also thought that what the followers in the resistance believed was quite interesting; similar in one way, yet diverging in a very significant way from the ascended. Those of the resistance believed in eternal life – but eternal life of the soul, which the ascended may or may not have. Those of the resistance believed in a God but I think most of the ascended believed they were gods.


Eli’s growth as a character was evident in his ability to control his fugue state. Additionally he discovered something about his past that would affect his future and the future of so many others – ascended and human.


The Legacy Human is not a book to be missed if you enjoy science fiction. With action, romance and vividly creative writing that will make you believe you are there with Eli, this novel will likely be one of your favourites of the year. I have given this novel 5 stars out of 5. I would happily reread this book again. I can’t wait for the sequel!


Thank you to the publishers for providing this book in exchange for a fair and honest review. A positive opinion was not required. All thoughts are my own.


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