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Lies (The Geneva Project Book 3) by Christina Benjamin

The Geneva Project - Lies (Volume 3) - Christina Benjamin 


Lies picks up right where Secrets left off. There isn’t much of refresher to remind you what happened in book two which isn’t a problem if you are reading the books one immediately after the other, but if there is a great space of time between the books you may want to skim part of Secrets to remind yourself of why they are returning to the Troian Center.


This third book in the series is most aptly named. Geneva is trying to protect her friends from Malakai, the new headmaster of the renamed Troian Academy. To do so she has chosen to lie to them, or at least omit the truth, thinking they’d be better off without all the information. Unfortunately the others are also doing the same thing and lies are flying about the Academy multiplying faster than rabbits.


But it’s not just Geneva and her friends that are telling lies either. Malakai is also a master of lies and he is not above lying to his son Kai in order to use him to get information about Geneva without Kai knowing it.


There are so many twists and turns in Lies that you’ll feel like you’re sitting on a corkscrew gone wild. It doesn’t seem that there is anyone that can be trusted with the truth. How the friends make any plans to coordinate anything at all is quite a feat.


There is definitely one thing we can learn from reading Ms. Benjamin’s book and that is that lies only breed mistrust and damage relationships. Whether those relationships can be mended at a later date as Geneva felt they could is debatable and probably depends on the relationship, but I think that some relationships would be irreparably damaged.

Jemma surprised me in this book. I won’t say what happened with her in order not to spoil it, but I just don’t understand people like her.


I think Geneva has grown more mature throughout the book and is more quick-thinking and resourceful even though she doesn’t feel that way. Her romantic experiences are helping her to discover what true love is.


I like the new characters that were introduced in this book – Kai, Terran and Sadie. They all seem like trustworthy characters; even Kai who is Malakai’s son. I could be fooled though and he could be one of the worst liars (most successful) in the book, we’ll just have to see.


This book ends in a cliff-hanger, but at least Geneva has a plan (so she says). I’ll be waiting on book 4 to find out. This one was a nail-biter. I gave Lies 4 stars out of 5.

Thank you to the author for providing a copy of the book in exchange for a fair and honest review. A positive opinion was not required. All thoughts are my own.


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