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Oliver and Jumpy, Stories 19-21 by Werner Stejskal



These are three unique children’s stories that your young ones will enjoy.


Santa’s Chocolate Factory

Join Oliver, Jumpy and Joey on a trip to Santa’s chocolate factory. This factory is unlike Santa’s home in the North Pole and there are no elves here. See what kind of mischief Joey gets himself into.


I really liked the illustrations in this story. They were bright, clear and very attractive. The only negative thing I would say about them is that in one of the pictures I did not think one of the illustrations went with the words on the page because the Joey did not look like a kangaroo and appeared frightened rather than doing what the text said he was doing. In a second illustration I thought that Joey looked more like a wolf (with a chocolatey mouth) than a kangaroo.


I totally loved Joey’s promise at the end of the story. It’s the same kind of promise most over-indulgers make, but no true choc-a-holic can keep.



Triller is a lovely story emphasizing friendship, encouragement, caring and self-confidence. Perhaps it will help inspire your young one to try something he or she is feeling shy about.


April’s Fool

In this April fool’s tale Oliver has a trick played on him and then he, Jumpy and Joey get themselves into some serious danger. You can feel the seriousness of the danger come through in the words of the author. Like a good children’s bedtime book that won’t lead to nightmares though, there is a good ending.


All of Mr. Stejskal’s stories contain animals, fun, imagination and lots of love for children. I would highly recommend these excellent adventure stories for your younger children. I gave this book 5 stars out of 5 stars.


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