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Emma Learns to Sprout by Shir Guez



Emma Learns to Sprout is a delightful book that will help young children learn to enjoy healthy eating by engaging them in the growth of the sprouts they can eat.


The instructions on how to sprout beans, lentils and seeds are easy to understand through the story and the excitement and anticipation that Emma feels is easy to see. I think that excitement will easily transfer to the young child that is reading this book with his or her parent.


By taking part in the activity, the child won’t really think about it as a healthy eating activity, just a fun one as he or she watches the sprouts begin to grow. Eating something they have grown is the reward.


I liked the pictures as well as they were bright and clear and simple. The entire message in this book is very simple, yet fun.


I highly recommend Emma Learns to Sprout for those parents who are interested in getting their children involved in healthy eating. I gave this book 5 stars out of 5.


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