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Ark by Phil Penhallow


Ark had quite an interesting premise to it in that an object is hurtling towards earth. It’s a planet that has a 3400 year cycle whose trajectory has been slightly changed and is now creating an ELE – extinction level event on earth. But that’s just one of the plot lines.


Another major plotline is that for thousands of years there have been aliens inhabiting out earth, and humankind has known about it and worked to keep it from general knowledge. What do these various alien groups want with earth and earthlings? Some species want our world for its resources, some see Terrans (us) as insignificant as we see ants, some see US as the resource.


Ark is a very complex story with several plotlines running through it. I think the author did a good job of completing each of the plotlines. There was plenty of action and the pace of the story was good. I liked the twists and turns and the discoveries that Brian (the main character) made about himself which were revealed by Geoff regarding his past. I also think that Mary taught Geoff and Spike something too.


I found that parts of this book read like a report – all facts. This made some of the novel a bit dry. My interest in the novel diminished in these parts. I found too that a few of the minor characters were flat and their speech/conversations were stilted and awkward. I believe that this was because there was simply so much going on in this complicated novel that the author may have left these things as they were to prevent the book from attaining an unwieldy length.


The main characters however, were interesting and well-developed. I liked that the Geoff and Spike had the ability to communicate telepathically with humans who had the biological implant placed in them.


I found it particularly frightening what horrible things humans will let other humans go through and what that says about us as people. Regardless of where we are raised, I hope we never lose our compassion for those less fortunate than we are.


I liked the message of hope that the novel gives. Hope that there is life out there in the universe besides us. Hope that that life is friendly. Hope that somehow some Terrans will survive an extinction level event (ELE).


I enjoyed reading Ark. I think what made it most enjoyable was the complicated plotlines that the author so skillfully wove together. I would recommend this book to science fiction/apocalyptic genre readers. I gave this book 4 stars out of 5.


Thank you to the author for providing a copy of this book in exchange for a fair and honest review. A positive opinion was not required. All thoughts are my own


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