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Undertow by Michael Buckley


Riveting, action-filled, suspenseful. Though Undertow is labelled for teens, I really think it will hold the attention of all ages. I was thoroughly engaged by the writing of Michael Buckley and his tale of the arrival of 30,000 Alpha on the beach in Coney Island.


The government, unsure of what these Alpha want, war or peace, zone the area off keeping the 5 different races of the Alpha and the remaining human residents of Coney Island walled inside. Then in an experiment to integrate them into the school system a few of the Alpha, including the Prince are brought to the local high school despite vehement protest of the human population.


Undertow is action-packed and filled with twists and turns. I particularly liked the character of Lyric Walker. Her growth throughout the novel from a person who tries to be as invisible as possible to someone of a much stronger personality was done very successfully.


There were many themes running through Undertow that spoke of politics, racism, bullying and segregation. Family, loyalty, child and spousal abuse and love were also aspects that were part of this novel. To touch on so many themes successfully in one book takes a great amount of skill, and I think that Michael Buckley has done that. In fact, there was so much in this novel that I wouldn’t be surprised to see it used in school classrooms as part of their literature programs. It’s a cornucopia of information set in an end-of-days scenario against an enemy that is nothing like we have ever seen before. I can easily see this book being made into a movie as it is full of action and vivid detail.


Undertow is the first book in a trilogy and it will certainly leave you wanting more, but you’ll have to wait until the spring of 2016 to satisfy that desire when Raging Sea will be released.

While there was some profanity in this novel, it was not excessive. I found this novel to be completely engaging, and it kept me up late into the night. I would highly recommend it to readers of all ages who enjoy thrillers, science fiction and dystopian genres. I gave Undertow 5 stars out of 5. I will be watching for the sequel.


Thank you to the publishers for providing a copy of this book in exchange for a fair and honest review. A positive opinion was not required. All thoughts are my own.


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